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Everyone’s surprised that I don’t like Tobias

i liked him more in the book 1 because he seems caring strong and somehow interesting and new but in book 3 he was so weak and stipid in my opinion (lets think about uriah’s dead and how he was acting like a child with tris) 

in the film in my opinion he is fine, not too good, not too bad in the middle but i think its because of the producers because they choose how should theo act 

in the end i think that theo is really cute in personal life and also funny i would love to see him but that wond happen

that’s my opinion 

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Anonymous asked: Oh and bi means she likes boys and girls so like no biggie

Thank you :) 

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Anonymous asked: Shai basically said that personality is all that matters not your gender or something like that in an interview and why does it matter honestly?

I’m just too curious, but thank you. 

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Shailene Woodley and Theo James are perfection .they need to be together so they can be cute and have perfect babies

Im team sheo too but what we do if shi is bi

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Does the Divergent cast really think it’s doing itself a favor by talking shit about other fandoms? It’s talked so much shit about Twilight and THG and they were even so ignorant they claimed that Bella tried to kill herself after Edward left. Like seriously, that is not the way to promote your movie. Divergent isn’t even that great of a story yet they somehow believe it’s better than Twilight and THG? Lol okay Shailene Woodley and Theo James. Okay.

oh, come on. shailene said it because she thinks like that not because of the movie. have you read the Divergent books? have you watched the trailer of TFIOS shailene, theo and all others in the cast are great!